CSR policy Cubic Mill

CSR policy Cubic Mill

We’ll just say it out loud: with Cubic Mill we want to improve the world. By improving we mean: making things fairer, righteous, healthier, more beautiful and more sustainable. That is why we have a mission: to create maximum social value.

We ourselves work from Amsterdam Nieuw-West. An area that is a mix of a lot of potential, but for a number of groups it means a lot of stumbling blocks. That is why we regularly engage in social activities. For example, we support a number of social organizations that help groups that could use a little extra help.

One of these foundations is the Mother Network. This is a network for and by mothers with a child with a physical and/or mental disability. It is a place where mothers with children with disabilities can come together. A place to connect fellow sufferers to exchange experiences and to be able to learn from each other as a supplement to professional care.

We also regularly sponsor youth organizations such as Young Amsterdam, which try to get the best out of young people by inspiring them.

Partner social value

We carry out social projects in-house

Our organization works sustainably

We sponsor clients who create social value