To elevate your brand, you need a partner like Cubic Mill, skilled in crafting lasting brands and boosting immediate sales.

You can truly make a difference by having faith in your own abilities. In a world filled with opportunities, this is the driving force behind Cubic Mill®. Each day, we are dedicated to individuals and businesses that aspire to create a positive impact on the world.

Extracting your utmost potential, that’s the essence. Day in and day out, Cubic Mill assists companies in reaching their utmost capabilities. We prioritize brands and businesses that recognize the added value of brand strategy and are willing to invest in it. These are the visionary entrepreneurs, those with open minds, eager to elevate their companies or organizations to unprecedented heights.

With our diverse team, Cubic Mill is proficient across the entire spectrum, spanning from the conceptual to the practical. From design to web development, we’ve got it covered. It all begins with inspiration and ambition.


The basis on which Cubic Mill® is built is the distinguishing factor. Cubic Mill was founded by two people who are completely different from each other and therefore complement each other perfectly. One comes from the world of design and branding, with a lot of perfection and passion in the work. While the other comes from the world of software, with a high structure and organization in the work, where the whole is delivered incrementally in steps.

Connected by ambition and the belief to become the best, this team proves itself successful. Thanks to the contradictions within the company, the team works complementary to each other towards a common goal: growth!

We are Cubic Mill

Cubic Mill BV was founded in February 2020 as a result of the merger between two independent and successful marketing and technology companies: Cubic Mill in its old form, which was founded in February 2017 and Coodware, a software company which was founded in September 2017. In a merge between the two companies, it was decided to continue under the name Cubic Mill®. The effect of the merger of the two companies is that branding and design come together with technology and online findability.

The drastic digitization in recent years proves that in the world of marketing, online findability plays an essential role. The relationship with our customers shows that expectations have also evolved. Cubic Mill wants to add value to customers, not only through expertise, but also through innovation, processes and people.

Cubic Mill strives to become the best in our industry when it comes to creating new, thoughtful and interactive experiences.