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What drives you? Why does your brand exist? What makes your brand unique and different from your competitors? Together with our branding specialists, we determine your real identity and positioning within the target group. We then translate your branding to all digital channels. Benefit from our expertise with branding processes and find our advertising agency in Amsterdam.

Branding examples

Corporate identity

A strong brand identity is the visual translation of your brand to the outside world. The choice of brand colors, deliberate typography, expressive illustrations, and purposeful photography together form the building blocks of this identity. Brand colors go beyond mere aesthetics; they evoke emotions, elicit associations, and leave a lasting impression. Similarly, the carefully selected typography speaks a language of its own, with each font conveying a subtle but vital facet of your brand’s personality.

Illustrations and graphic elements can serve as iconic brand symbols and act as powerful communication tools. They elevate your brand story and provide a creative angle to make complex ideas understandable. Photography, on the other hand, captures authentic moments that embody your brand’s core values. Whether it’s detailed product shots or vivid portraits of your team, photography inspires trust and human connection with your audience. In essence, every aspect of your brand identity, no matter how small, contributes to the powerful narrative that makes your brand unique and connects it to the world around you.


At Cubic Mill, we believe that the tone-of-voice is more than just the way a brand speaks; it’s the essence of how a brand is felt and experienced by the audience. The right tone not only forms the connection between what a brand says and how it is perceived, but also plays a crucial role in determining the emotions and perceptions that customers associate with that brand.

Every interaction customers have with your brand, from a simple social media post to a full-fledged marketing campaign, is amplified by a consistent and authentic tone-of-voice. It’s this consistency that builds brand loyalty and forges a deeper, emotional bond with customers. At Cubic Mill, we not only help brands find their unique voice but also ensure that this voice consistently resonates in the hearts of their customers.


The name of a company is like a first impression that lingers. A carefully chosen name has the power to convey the core values and unique character of the company in just a few words. Consider ‘Apple’, a name that evokes simplicity and innovation, or ‘Coca-Cola’, a name that immediately illustrates the refreshing and effervescent nature of the brand. Such a poignant name acts as a compass for customers, investors, and partners, who instantly experience a sense of trust and recognition.

The naming process is like a creative puzzle where each piece must fit meticulously. Besides communicating the core values, the name also needs to be distinctive enough to stand out amongst competitors. Furthermore, it’s important to consider cultural and linguistic nuances, both on a national and international level. A well-thought-out name is not only a communication tool but also a valuable asset that reinforces the company’s identity and paves the way for a lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

Logo design

Your logo is not just a symbol or a collection of colors and shapes; it represents the identity of your company. It’s a visual reflection of everything your brand stands for. It tells a story without words and creates an immediate, emotional connection with your target audience. A powerful and well-thought-out logo can significantly influence and strengthen a brand’s perception.

In today’s digital age, where competition is just a mouse click away, standing out is crucial. A unique and recognizable logo can make the difference. It acts as the face of your company, making it essential to choose a design that is both professional and appropriate. A good logo builds trust and invites potential customers to further explore your product or service.


A slogan captures the essence of your brand in a single, powerful sentence. It’s the bridge between what your company offers and what the customer is seeking. A good slogan is memorable, sparks curiosity, and evokes emotion. While a logo represents the visual identity of a brand, a slogan speaks directly to the heart and mind of your audience.

The art of crafting an effective slogan lies in its simplicity and clarity of message. It should reflect the company’s core values while also standing out in the market. In a world filled with information and distractions, it’s the catchy and authentic slogan that ensures customers remember your brand and feel connected to it.


Packaging is so much more than just a wrapper; it forms the first physical touchpoint between your product and your customer. An appealing, well-designed package captivates, instills trust, and drives purchase. Just like a first impression in a personal encounter, packaging can shape the perception of a product. Recognizability for your loyal customers and allure for potential new ones are crucial to stand out from the crowd.

In a market where every shelf and every webshop is overflowing, it’s essential to invest in distinctive and high-quality packaging. Packaging that reflects the values and character of your brand can be the deciding factor in a customer’s choice. Let us help you make this pivotal connection and accentuate the unique qualities of your product.

Unique printed matter

In a world where digitization is taking over, tangible print materials continue to leave a lasting impression. Custom print is not just a means to convey information; it’s an extension of your brand identity. Whether it’s eye-catching floor stickers, personalized bean bags for your lounges, or flags waving your message, each item contributes to the experience of your brand. From indoor advertising that transforms your business space to pens and notepads used daily; every piece of print is an opportunity to tell your story.

Invest in high-quality and unique print materials to showcase your brand and stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for functional items like interior decor and stickers or promotional pieces like pens and notepads, we ensure your vision comes to life. Let your brand speak on every surface and at every touchpoint with your customer.

(Exhibition) banners

In the dynamic world of trade shows and events, where every company vies for the attention of attendees, standing out is crucial. Well-designed banners not only serve as landmarks but actively capture the gaze of passersby. They translate the essence of your brand into a powerful visual statement. When someone walks by and their eye catches your banner, that’s the perfect moment to leave a lasting impression and spark interest in your products and services.

However, an effective banner goes beyond just a beautiful design. The message must be clear, concise, and compelling. It’s a fusion of color, typography, images, and text that together tell a coherent and persuasive story. By investing in high-quality and thoughtful banners, you amplify your presence at trade shows and events, ensuring your brand gets the attention it deserves.


Brochures have been a tried and trusted tool in the marketing world for years. They provide a physical touchpoint with which customers can experience your brand, even after they’ve left your store or event. Within the limited space of a brochure, you can effectively tell your company’s story, spotlight your products and services, and give potential customers a reason to take action. It’s a tangible reminder of your brand, something customers can hold, flip through, and revisit at a later time.

What makes the brochure so potent is the combination of concise information and visual elements. It allows companies to convey their message in a structured manner. With a clear call to action, or CTA, you actively invite the reader to take the next step in the customer journey, whether that’s visiting your website, calling a phone number, or participating in a special promotion. A well-designed brochure is thus an essential tool in any marketing strategy.


Flyers are a direct and efficient way to spread your message quickly to a wide audience. They are compact, easy to distribute, and can feature eye-catching designs that instantly grab the recipient’s attention. Whether you’re announcing an upcoming event, promoting a special offer, or highlighting the launch of a new product, flyers are the go-to choice to inform and engage people.

At Cubic Mill, we understand the power of a well-designed flyer. We combine creativity with clear and concise messages to ensure your information stands out. Moreover, we offer unique sizes and printing options to ensure your flyer isn’t just a piece of paper but a reflection of your brand’s quality and originality. Trust our team to help you convey your message effectively and leave a lasting impression.


A well-designed poster can transform a space and capture attention like few other mediums can. With their prominent size, they are ideal for conveying important messages, promoting events, or introducing new products. While digital media can be fleeting, a physical poster provides a lasting presence that can catch the eye of passersby time and time again.

Despite their grandeur, posters remain one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise. They are relatively simple to produce and distribute, and offer high visibility for a low cost. Whether displayed in a storefront window, showcased at an event, or adorning a wall on a busy street, posters are a proven method to broadly spotlight your message. They combine visual flair with effective communication to leave an indelible impression.

Branding examples

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