The success story a perfume brand: a masterclass in packaging design

Reclamebureau Productverpakkingen ontwerpen voor parfumflesjes

When we talk about packaging design, we aren’t just speaking about visual representation. It’s about telling stories, evoking emotions, and ensuring brand identity. Let’s dive deeper into this fascinating world by using the story of the perfume brand Suvièn la Cour as a case study.

The first impression
In an industry as saturated as that of perfumes, the design of the packaging plays a crucial role in making the first impression on the consumer. Suvièn la Cour recognized this and wanted packaging that immediately reflected their essence: elegance, mystery, and timelessness.

The journey of Suvièn la Cour’s packaging design
Step 1: Establishing brand identity
For Suvièn la Cour, it was all about the refinement of simplicity. The brand wanted to give a modern twist to classic fragrances. That’s why they opted for a minimalist design with subtle hints of their heritage.

Step 2: Materials and sustainability
The choice of high-quality glass and recycled materials reflected their commitment to quality and sustainability, two core values of the brand.

Step 3: Communicating with the consumer
You won’t find an abundance of text on the packaging. They opted for concise but powerful messages, making the customer feel immediately connected to the brand’s promise.

The impact of good design
Thanks to their packaging, Suvièn la Cour stood out in the crowded perfume aisles. Customers were not only attracted by the design but also felt a deeper connection with the brand.

Suvièn la Cour is a splendid example of how effective packaging design can contribute to brand recognition, customer loyalty, and ultimately, sales success. In a world where competition is just a shelf away, the right design makes all the difference.

At Cubic Mill, we understand the power of packaging design. Just like with Suvièn la Cour, we want to co-create a unique story with you. A story that resonates, connects, and converts. Let’s craft that story together!

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