Qenzo does not stop at the clean delivery of your
working environment. According to them, cleaning is a tool to increase the end user’s happiness at work. The man or woman who needs a pleasant working environment every day. But not only the end user counts for Qenzo. The employees themselves are also trained and placed in workplaces that really suit them. In this way, employees can experience the appreciation and recognition for their work, as it should be.

Cubic Mill has developed a complete branding and website for Qenzo, including a suitable logo, iconography, typography and use of color. With his eye for the individual, Qenzo is different from other cleaning companies. The branding should reflect this. The elegant Q and the luxurious colors radiate a brand you can trust and that works for high-level companies.

Since then, Cubic Mill has provided support in the areas of strategy, marketing, communication and marketing.

Core values

Fast-paced & Efficient
Cost-effective & Innovative


Logo design
Site Taxonomy
Content Architecture
Visual Design
Web Development



Identity design

Identity design


Cubic mill has provided Qenzo with carriers such as: brochures, flyers, business cards and social media. This cocktail of marketing has contributed to the growth of the company.

Web development

For the Qenzo website, we performed Search Engine Optimization and applied UX Design to the interaction. We have also made a custom design that matches the brand. This means that we have put a slideshow on the Homepage and have drawn up a visual quotation form. Finally, we have fully implemented the new branding in both the desktop and mobile XD design.

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