STUDIO_M fotografie


STUDIO_M fotografie

STUDIO_M can be found everywhere, but most people don’t realize this. With their vibrant and excellent photographic skills, STUDIO_M is a well-wanted partner for companies such as: CoolBest, Heineken, Senseo, Almhof and so on.

Cubic Mill was responsible for building the website and applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A top-shelf service should therefore be found exactly there. At the top of Google and other search engines. With its impressive portfolio, STUDIO_M deserved to appear at the top of searches.


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Logo design
Site Taxonomy
Content Architecture
Visual Design
Web Development


Search Engine Optimization

Identity design

The process

At Cubic Mill we strongly believe in co-creation. We have therefore applied this working method and way of thinking at STUDIO_M. For example, we worked closely with STUDIO_M to adjust the website structure and place new, unique content.

This is how we worked from concept to reality in 5 steps:




& content

& optimaliseren

The challenge

The challenge of this project was to adapt the structure of the website and rewrite the texts. On the website, STUDIO_M used a lot of the same content. Google is not a fan of that, so it’s up to us to tackle this.

The approach

The first step was to perform a keyword analysis and map the content of the website. Which keywords are used on the website and are they the right ones? How is the website built and does this make sense for Google? There was room for improvement. Together with STUDIO_M we have adapted the website structure and content. We then did a new SEO check. We have implemented the learnings to refine the adjustments.

The result

Google noticed the improvements. The search engine rewarded our hard work with an increase in the ranking position of no less than 31.45%! The vacancy pages aimed at education, healthcare, government and business operations also received more visitors. The number of organic visitors increased by 15% in 6 months

Great results, but we’re not done yet! Together with STUDIO_M we are still working hard to further improve findability. On to that position of authority!

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